Acordeon y bajo sexto cover in San Francisco

Armando and I used to perform occasionally during this time at family gatherings. Armando and I have been thinking of recording a CD together for many years. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

No Downloads. For dancing, however, musicians were hired for the evening. The acordeon y bajo sexto cover in San Francisco teenager was still light-years away from developing the convulsive, electric jitterbug polka style that made him famous. Besides, I like that Malcolm X used the X to represent the unknown name of his African ancestors and their culture that had been lost during slavery.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. My mother bought me my first two-row Hohner button accordion when I was ten.

Уже acordeon y bajo sexto cover in San Francisco

For dancing, however, musicians were hired for the evening. Submit Search. Arhoolie CD Tejano Roots: San Antonio's Conjuntos in the s The national record companies, VictorColumbiaand Deccajust about stopped recording and releasing regional musics during World Acordeon y bajo sexto cover in San Francisco II when the musicians' union led a strike against them and when shellac, from which records were acordeon y bajo sexto cover in San Francisco, was difficult to obtain.

Jimenez, who was born on the now nonexistent Pastores Street, dropped out of school in the ninth grade. Juan Like Like. There was San Antonio's premier corridista, Pedro Rocha, who had recorded extensively in the s and was well known on the local music scene. In I purchased all the masters and contracts of Rio Records from Mrs.

  • The group.
  • The letterhead proudly announced: "Wolf Recording Company, Home of the Rio Record" and the home was the back room of the Rio Record Shop from which the enthusiastic music merchant Hymie Wolf directed his one-man operation.

The music on this CD begins with an original indigenous love song that I wrote for my daughter, Maya Quetzalli, and continues with two corridos that my father wrote during his military service in the U. The chromatic accordion was created in the s in Austria by F.

For me, an old vato from San Anto who developed his political and cultural conciencia and identity at the University of Texas in Austin when I went to school there in and took my first Chicano History course, then became heavily involved in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement, the X means many things.

This first recording session was not only important in spreading Narciso's name around South Texas, but the records were sold in far-off places like San Francisco, California for example where an elderly record shop proprietress in the Mission district told me that the records did not sell much to the Spanish speaking population of that sophisticated metropolitan center, but to the Basques who loved the sound of Narciso's accordion music!

Most dances at that time were held in the streets where a small platform was erected for the musicians. By the early 50's Narciso had gained considerable fame and was finally able to take advantage of his reputation and played dances not only in parts of Texas where he had never been before, but also in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Acordeon y bajo sexto cover in San Francisco

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