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The white mob began firing on Black marchers, indiscriminately killing convention supporters and unaffiliated Black bystanders. Bobby MathiewsMayor for City: Woodson. GuidryCounty Clerk for County: Jefferson. Members of the mob reportedly raped Ms.

Ferro Jr.

Barbara CrassMayor for City: Mertens. To mollify the mob of armed whites that filled the courtroom, the judge promised the death sentence would be carried out by public hanging, despite state law prohibiting public executions. Anthony VasquezAlderman for City: Rosebud.

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Protestors demand that President Truman take action against lynching, Baldemar MontesConstable for County: Zapata. Ministers quietly remove 1. Charles NewhouseAlderman for City: Lakeport. Candie HarrisAlderman for City: Bloomburg.

He did not comment on the allegations.

He was seized by a mob, forced to jump from an automobile with a noose around his neck, and shot times. David Sweeney Nov. Anna R. Bill Wilkins , Constable for County: Hill. Eddie Lucio III.

John henry maddox texas sex offender in Memphis

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