Percy and annabeth sex fanfiction in Santa Clara

I think this is the best day of my life, maybe except for the myrmekes and being held prisoner. You were the one that suggested taking this vacation, and I want us to go. Moments later Percy was arriving in Camp Half-Blood, ignoring some of the younger campers' greetings and mentally whistling for Blackjack.

Silena Gives Thanks to Percy He kept silent so they could finish though. Rated M for coarse language and lemons. A nervous blush spreads across Percy's cheeks and he nods, reaching over to fumble with the top drawer of his nightstand. Some smut and lots of love.

Percy and annabeth sex fanfiction in Santa Clara что-нибудь

His boxers were tented from his arousal, and she couldn't help but palm his firm member through the fabric. It's all the desperation, loneliness and need from the last few hours without her all tied up in one simple moment. Irrelevant though, since counselors and senior adventurers like himself got to do whatever they wanted to most of the time.

  • She was sleeping, tossing and turning in her bed. Though she would never ever admit it,
  • Let me know how I did — if this isn't good, tell me.
  • I'm just gonna leave it as is! However, I'm still being a semi-douche 'cause I haven't actually written the smut for this.
  • Percy sat up on his knees, pulling Annabeth up with him.
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Even though it hasn't been all that long since his dip in the River Styx, it's easy for Percy to forget what it's like to scar and how simple it is to get bruised. O is for Orgy Will it work on any female? He thought to himself that Rachel was very lucky to get to stay here.

Without Percy, Annabeth decides to find some other way of obtaining happiness.

Percy and annabeth sex fanfiction in Santa Clara

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