Political sex scandal in Lansing

Courser said the text messages drove him over the edge and that he was on the verge of a major breakdown. May 19, They combined staffs and worked out of the same office, and were said to go political sex scandal in Lansing just about everyone in the House, even those in their own party and the state's Republican governor.

Graham said he was stunned not political sex scandal in Lansing that Courser would ask him, but that he would say such things in the first place, especially to lie about himself.

political sex scandal in Lansing

The Republican politicians are members of the Tea Party and advocates political sex scandal in Lansing traditional marriage -- both are married and have children and both often invoke God in political political sex scandal in Lansing. Staffer Joshua Cline quits working for Gamrat and Courser.

The affair continued into May, when Courser said he began receiving a series of anonymous text messages threatening to expose Courser's affair with Gamrat, saying things like, "Cindy sounds like she's great in the sheets," and "Silence in this case can be VERY detrimental But Gamrat denied having any knowledge of the email plot, and Courser now says she had no idea what he was planning.

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He's just there feeding his habit of alcohol, drugs and illicit sex. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Graham said he left the meeting political sex scandal in Lansing, and said he political sex scandal in Lansing him back and said, 'Todd, I can't help you do this.

Gamrat was subsequently expelled from the House. MLive believed a police report from The Radisson may have existed, but the request turned up nothing and later information pointed toward the fact that there had never been a police report. But for the long term, K education needs to become more financially efficient and prioritize equity.

Gamrat is a nurse [17] from Plainwell, Michigan.

  • Todd Courser on national television. Screenshot via NBC.
  • It took more than three years and motions in court, but the criminal case against former state Rep.
  • LANSING — A bizarre sex scandal involving Michigan lawmakers and their potential misuse of public resources in a cover-up plot possibly prompted by blackmail shows no signs of abating. First-term Republican Reps.

Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, a pair of Republican lawmakers caught up in an alleged cover-up of an extramarital affair. The scheme was a trick so his extramarital affair with Gamrat would not be believed if it was revealed by an anonymous extortionist. The two issue " The Liberty Response " to Gov.

It was tough. Subscriptions MLive. In , they surprised at the GOP convention by nearly unseating the then-chairman and vice chairwoman of the state Republican Party.

Political sex scandal in Lansing

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