Recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in Warnambool

All patients had regular follow-up after treatment, including clinical examination, tumor marker e. The above treatment was conducted in the local hospital of this patient. Morphologically, these tumors are solid, tan to yellow colored with few tiny cysts and focal calcification.

Received Apr 3; Accepted Sep 7.

There was no adjuvant therapy such as postoperative chemotherapy. Patients with stage II to IV tumor were recommended cisplatin, etoposide and bleomycin as postoperative chemotherapy, which resulted in pathological complete remission It turns out to be prudent to perform biopsy in patients with ovarian mass.

In our study, preoperative SCTAT diagnosis was only made in two pediatric patients based on ovarian tumor biopsy, both of whom were highly suspected of physiological cysts instead of ovarian tumors. CRS including total hysterectomy, contralateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and RTR was performed in three patients.

PEB or PVB regimen with full dosage, adequate cycles, and strict recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in Warnambool was considered as standard chemotherapy. In our study, six patients achieved CR without recurrence after treatment with unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy.

Себе recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in Warnambool моего блога

She had no axillary, recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in Warnambool hair growth or rapid increase in height. At the time when the case was reported six months after the operation, ultrasound scan of the pelvis showed no evidence of recurrence.

Many of the latter patients, however, had received platinum before. Progestagenic or androgenic manifestations occur rarely; a disproportionate number of androgenic GCTs have been cystic. Nuclear grooves are rare. The cells composed of a darkly stained oval to columnar type arranged in palisading pattern around eosinophilic hyaline like material giving an annular tubular picture.

Rarely the tubules may have a gland-like appearance.

  • A seven-year-old girl who presented with precocious puberty was diagnosed with an estrogen-secreting right ovarian tumor.
  • The morbidity of sex cord-stromal tumor may be only approximately 1.
  • Peutz-Jeghers syndrome PJS is a hereditary autosomal dominant disease characterized by polyposis of the gastrointestinal tract and melanin pigmented macules on the skin mucosa. Multifocal, bilateral, small and benign lesions that develop into mucinous and serous ovarian tumors commonly characterize it.
  • In Young et al. These neoplasms are extremely rare, accounting for less than 0.
  • We encountered a year-old woman with recurrent SCTAT complicated by peritoneal dissemination following a right adnexectomy.
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In PJS-associated SCTAT, the serum tumor marker inhibin and immunohistochemical markers inhibin, estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and androgen receptor have been studied as diagnostic tools, though morphology is the gold standard [ 8 ].

She received 7 cycles postoperative chemotherapy of TC paclitaxel and carboplatin regimens. The lesions were removed completely. Initial surgery was unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in 11 cases. In the present case the patient was in reproductive age group and though did not have any clinical or biochemical features of high estrogen production; he had symptoms related to the endometriotic cyst.

Recurrent sex cord tumor with annular tubules in Warnambool

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