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Defendant has a low average intelligence quotient of Allen also represented to the court that Brown's conflict would not affect his cross-examination of the witness. Nevertheless, addressing the claim on the merits, we find no misconduct.

Defendant's reliance upon People v. Two deeper wounds were inflicted in the middle of the back, one of which penetrated a lung and the other the heart. Tisher Manteca June Eric B. In Februarydefendant attempted suicide by ingesting over 30 tablets of Valium.

After independent review of the record People v. To place these events in the context of the trial, jury voir dire began on October 20, During the early morning of July 19,Rosie Grover was raped, stabbed with a sharpened screwdriver, and repeatedly bludgeoned about the face and neck with two pieces of concrete.

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During the search of the crime scene, a bottle of wine cooler of the same brand and flavor as the one defendant had given to Mertle was found in the victim's duffle bag. Ethnicity: Filipino. We find no error in the court's ruling. Defendant called numerous witnesses to testify regarding his drug usage and depression.

Defendant next complains that the prosecutor was permitted to attempt to elicit from Dr.

There is no constitutional requirement that the defendant understand the types of assistance that an attorney can provide. The consent of one person with common or superior authority over the area to be searched is all that is required; the consent of other interested parties is unnecessary.

Defendant contends that "subsequent decisions" of the United States Supreme Court nevertheless support his claim. Keesee Cal. Defendant had a "beautiful" relationship with the other children in the home.

Richard allen clark sex offender calif in Sunnyvale

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