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The doctoral dissertation, how was it 8 published inif you know? And you'll notice again a lot of these 13 names are individuals who are associated with law 14 enforcement, correct? So the -- the right term would be 6 Utah Scoring System?

On the bottom -- 2 A. Did he have any 14 role? Do you see that paragraph? The Appellate Court that reversed Mervilus' conviction outlined the lack of evidence in the Union County Prosecutor and Hewette-Guyton's case: "[t]he police came on the scene after the assault, and the State's case hinged to a great degree on the victim's testimony.

He -- he certainly did have a role. Honts, Michael Simitz again.

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And so was it like to or -- A. Kaminskas office that went to polygraph school with you? Whitaker, Sacramento, CA.

That's true but -- 20 Q. And what happened at those meetings? Exhibit If they pick the wrong one? The next oldest would be 19 the - the Backster System.

Robert forker sex offender new york in Albany

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