Safe time to do sex after period in Richardson

The authors would like to emphasize the lack of data concerning surgical procedures in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders for sparing the fertility of the patient. Impact of subsequent pregnancies on pelvic floor functional anatomy. The effect of the prolapse operation was not affected and the quality of life maintained.

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Do share your experiences in the comments section next. How many days after your period is it safe to have sex? Contact Us. Thank you! Kenneth Smith answered. However, it's important to remember that no matter how carefully you plan, there's no certainty that you won't get pregnant, unless you don't have sex, Dr.

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This operation was performed on Presented by. Lowenstein L. Registration of research studies Each author contributed to diagnosis, treatment, and postoperative follow-up of patient.

Rapid weight gain or loss and excessive amounts of exercise can also affect the hormones that stimulate ovulation, changing the typical pattern of your cycle. Page last reviewed: 23 May Next review due: 23 May Other commonly associated symptoms include acne, difficulty maintaining weight, hair growth in places typical to men like the upper lip or chin , and fertility issues, she says.

Back to Pregnancy. The surgical treatment of the pelvic floor in cases of POP can substantially affect the quality of sexual life and self-esteem of the patients. Abstract Introduction Pelvic floor disorders are common also in young patient population.

Safe time to do sex after period in Richardson

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