Same sex marriage ruling and churches in Elgin

You may be happy with your same sex relationship but think how it effects others before involving children. Mutual respect for diversity is a cornerstone of this nation; it should be extended to all sexual orientations. The only way the will be able to obtain family medical insurance through their employer, etc.

BG, Columbia: God dis not make man to be with a man nor did he create a beautiful woman to be with a woman. If you say it goes against nature, then look at the homosexual oocurances in the animal kingdom. JC, Lexington: Is it just me or does there seem to be an organized movement of the gay and lesbian community to overwhelmingly say they support this legislation.

The fact is, two same sex marriage ruling and churches in Elgin of the same sex engaging in sexual activities in unnatural.

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The Lake County couple, Dana Mills and Laura Danner, will celebrate their year anniversary June 1 with a small wedding ceremony at the Lake Zurich church where they've been members since I think it is time for people in this country to move on, and focus on things that are affecting same sex marriage ruling and churches in Elgin nation as a whole, instead of wasting time on dictating "morality" RG, West Columbia: As a gay woman, I applaud the Massachusetts court ruling,and agree separate is never equal.

Both God's word and psychologists tell us that both a mother and a father are the best environment to raise children. Since "straight" people have done so much damage to marriage and treat is so cavalierly, I'm not sure why anyone would want the label of marriage on them.

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  • Though the Supreme Court has declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and invalidated California's gay marriage ban , marriage remains a complicated and contested issue among religious denominations.
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But Cunningham said that in this situation, he won't issue a license for the Elgin couple on the weekend because he doesn't consider it an emergency. If this is not to His liking, then he will judge the people involved. DH, Columbia: Yes gay couples should have the right to marry.

Same sex marriage ruling and churches in Elgin

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