The evolution of sex biased dispersal in lions in Merseyside

The importance of male quality to female reproduction has led to a focus on male signals used to attract females or to mediate competition between rival males Clutton-Brock and McAuliffe ; Maynard Smith and Harper ; Wong and Candolin Subjects Animal behaviour Sexual selection.

Additional Information How to cite this article : Marty, P. Folia Primatol. Johnston RE, Rasmussen K Individual recognition of female hamsters by males: role of chemical cues and of the olfactory and vomeronasal systems.

Leaper C, Robnett RD. Alternatively, transition costs can potentially be eliminated by immigrating during intergroup encounters 101920212223 Dominant females often display higher rates of scent marking Callitrichidae: Epple ; coyote: Gese and Ruff ; golden hamster: Johnston ; meerkat: Jordan ; African wild dog: Jordan et al.

Согласен the evolution of sex biased dispersal in lions in Merseyside

A series of elegant experiments demonstrated that the volatile component of rabbit milk, 2-methylbutenal 2MB2was responsible for the stereotyped searching-grasping behaviour typically seen in new-born pups Schaal et al. Unusually dynamic sex roles in a fish.

Female-led infanticide in wild chimpanzees. Endocrinology — Third, males are likely to benefit more than females from gaining access to more mates.

  • Lion fecal DNA extracts from four individuals each from Yankari Game Reserve and Kainji-Lake National Park central northeast and west Nigeria, respectively were Sanger-sequenced for the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene. The sequences were aligned against 61 lion reference sequences from other parts of Africa and India.
  • Pusey, C. Most emigrating females leave either when they are evicted by an incoming male coalition or when the adult females of their pride give birth to new cubs.
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  • Inbreeding avoidance , or the inbreeding avoidance hypothesis, is a concept in evolutionary biology that refers to the prevention of the deleterious effects of inbreeding.
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Eraud, C. While the majority of studies have focused on males signalling to females see Apps ; Burger ; Gosling and Roberts ; Roberts et al. While many of these compounds stimulate attraction and sexual behaviours in males Achiraman and Archunan ; Achiraman et al.

The evolution of sex biased dispersal in lions in Merseyside

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  • Most female Panthera leo remain in their natal pride for their entire lives, but c 1/3 emigrate before they reach 4 yr of age. Most emigrating. Read "The Evolution of Sex-Biased Dispersal in Lions, Behaviour" on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with.
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  • THE EVOLUTION OF SEX-BIASED DISPERSAL IN LIONS. Author, A. E. PUSEY and C. PACKER. Year, Secondary title, BEHAVIOUR. Number, Male lions disperse from their natal prides before sexual maturity, and female lions may The evolution of group territoriality: The emergence of sociality in a.
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